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MFSLive - Kickstart 62

What is Kickstart 62?

Update: (Oct 20,2007)
With the software update 9.2, Kickstart 62 method to add an eSATA is disabled for Tivo Series 3 (TCD648250B). Good news is now it's even easier to add an eSATA. So take a look at the following link: eSATA w/ 9.2 software

If you have 8.3.1 software or earlier read on.
Kickstart 62 is used to add an eSATA drive to Tivo Series 3.
Click here for some technical detail. This method is known to work on all S3 software versions up to 8.3.1. Please note that this procedure only works on unmodified original capacity internal drive (250GB). So, if you have upgraded your internal TiVo drive already, Kickstart 62 won't work. You will need to try method 2.

How do I perform this procedure?

Things you will need before starting this procedure:

S3 TiVo

Tivo Remote
eSATA Drive
eSATA II Cable
(click here to enlarge)


Recommended Hardware

Bare hard drive: ST3750840SCE (750GB),  ST3500830SCE (500GB)
eSATA enclosure: Antec MX-1,  Apricorn EZBusDTS
eSATA II Cable: Tripp-Lite,   SIIG


1. Power off your TiVo if it's on:

To power off, go to TiVo Central -> Messages & Settings->Restart or Reset System->Restart (press thumbs down 3x, then ENTER)

As soon as you see "powering up screen", pull the electrical plug from your TiVo.


2. Connect eSATA drive to back of S3 TiVo labeled "expansion disk" as seen on "S3 Tivo" picture above:

Use a good eSATA II cable. Most problems related to eSATA drive is due to bad cable so use the recommended cable. Don't twist the cable and make sure it's seated well on both ends. Check out the eSATA cable picture above and make sure it has the proper plug length. Some have trim the rubber part of the plug to make it fit. eSATA cable length should as short as possible to reduce EMI and keep it away from strong magnetic fields such as voltage regulators, speakers or subwoofers.

3. Power on eSATA drive

4. Plug in electrical plug to TiVo S3

5. Point your Remote

When you see "welcome! Powering up" screen, point your TiVo remote towards S3 with pause button pressed.

You don't have to point right away. As a matter of fact, you can wait until 2 red LED lights on the front left panel goes out. But it's hard to time that, so my suggestion is to keep pointing as soon as you see welcome powering up with pause button pressed until you see a single orange LED light on the front panel. (bottom right picture)




6. Type "62"

Now, it's your cue to let go of pause button and type in "62" while pointing the remote towards TiVo. How fast do you type "62" you might ask?

Type "6" <wait 1 second or less> "2"

That is it. Nothing more, nothing less!

7. Now sit back and enjoy the fruit of your labor.

TiVo will reboot few times and does it's thing.If you see "Your second hard drive has been activated" screen, you are in business.

You can check number of recording hours under System Information. If you see anything more than 32HD hours, you have expanded your capacity.

Your capacity will be approximately 32hrs in HD for every 250GB of additional storage.

Trouble Shooting:

  • If you never get "Your second hard drive has been activated" screen, make sure eSATA cable is secure on both ends.
  • Get a good quality eSATA II cable that is not too long.
  • Check your eSATA drive is in working order by connecting to a computer and check.
  • Make sure your remote is working properly and has fresh batteries.
  • Make sure you are not near a plasma screen as plasma screen will interfere with IR signal from your remote.

Have a question or two? Post your questions here.


Make sure your eSATA cable is securely connected on both ends and never turn off power to eSATA drive when TiVo is on. Otherwise, you will get a lost second drive screen: (Click here to enlarge)

Followed by removing second drive screen: (Click here to enlarge)

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